How does it work?

Simply hang the Campfire Oven from any tripod approximately 16 inches from the top of the flames.  Begin heating the Campfire Oven to the ideal temperature of 250-300 degrees on the gauge.  The Campfire Oven is designed to cook directly on the included ceramic backing stone.

What can I cook in the Campfire Oven?

You can cook almost anything you would cook in your oven at home.  Some of our favorite cooking ideas are pizza, biscuits, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and foil meals.  Creativity makes the best meals.  You can visit our recipe bag for more ideas!

What are cook times like in the Campfire Oven?

The cook times are similar to standard oven recipes.  However times may vary based upon fire and oven temperatures. 

Do I need to monitor the Campfire Oven while food is cooking?

We suggest staying near by when using the Campfire Oven because you are cooking over fire. Also some food such as biscuits and pigs in the blanket, etc..... come out best when turned over, halfway through the cooking time.  This will ensure the perfect golden brown on both sides!

Can I cook frozen food?

We do not recommend placing frozen food directly onto the preheated ceramic baking stone.  This may cause a thermal shock to the baking stone and cause it to crack.  Instead, thaw desired item and then place it on the preheated baking stone.

Does the ceramic baking stone need to be cleaned?

The baking stone does not require any cleaning.  Ceramic baking stones actually become seasoned the more you use it.  For best results, simply scrape off any remaining food items and leave inside the Campfire Oven.  If you would like to clean the baking stone it can be removed and hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.

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